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From the 60's - Casa Rocher has been in charge of the Rocher's family for 3 generations

From the 60's, Casa Rocher has been in charge of the Rocher's family for 3 generations; offering the best of us during more than 50 years of experience.

In 1957 my grandparents Francisco and Carmen started with my father's help the restaurant construction. At that times it was a small restaurant supported by the snacks and menu lunches, by the good weekends weather and the people who came to the beach and the small estates at the time they began to be built.

Until the 80's we had on the top part of the restaurant 10 rooms rented on the summer months. When my father Francisco Rocher takes the lead of the restaurant (it was) starts to be a referent of the traditional cooking of the area, we started a new gear with an important build, we removed the rooms and we focused on the restaurant which becomes established as an area gastronomic reference. In that moment we adapted an orange field and we converted it in the actual parking we have achieving give to our clients what they demanded because on the village it was quite impossible to park.

In 2001 my father retires and the third generation takes the lead, Paco, Mayte and Ana Rocher ater 7 years we decide to set out on a new comprehensive remodeling for the kitchen, hall. Bar zone and parking creating a restaurant that make us feel proud this is the result of more than 50 years of working and effort of our family and the loyalty of our clients because without them this can not be possible.

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Restaurant's dinning room photo

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